New RepHresh® Clean Balance™ Feminine Freshness Kit

2-Step Clean and Condition Process Allows Women to Remain Fresh and Odor Free for Three Full Days

CEDAR RAPIDS (October 27, 2008):  New RepHresh® Clean Balance™ offers women long-lasting feminine freshness with a unique 2-step kit that provides an odor-free fresh clean feeling that really lasts.  New Clean Balance first cleans and then has a special conditioning step that works with a woman’s body by maintaining healthy vaginal pH and eliminating odor, providing freshness for 3 days or more.

The RepHresh Clean Balance Feminine Freshness Kit includes both a cleaning and a conditioning step.  Step one cleans using RepHresh Pure-10™ Purified Cleansing Solution.  Step two conditions by maintaining healthy pH and eliminating odor using RepHresh Conditioning Gel.  This unique freshness kit is the first of its kind, and the only feminine cleansing option to provide a long-lasting benefit.

In a recent survey of over 1,800 women (conducted by RepHresh), 23% reported that they had feminine odor problems in the past year.  “Feminine odor is a problem most women don’t talk about,” says Kristin Stewart, Director of Marketing, RepHresh Brand. “Yet, our research tells us that many women are struggling with feminine odor.  So, we are happy to be able to provide a solution that works with a woman’s body to provide long-lasting freshness.” 

The first part of the Clean Balance Kit is the RepHresh Pure-10™ Purified Cleansing Solution.  RepHresh Pure-10™ refers to the water purification process that goes well beyond public water source standards to remove chemicals, particles, bacteria and irritants.  This ultra-pure water is then combined with proven ingredients that are specially designed to match healthy feminine pH and to provide gentle, effective cleansing action.  RepHresh Pure-10™ ensures that the cleansing step is safe for the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.

The second part of the Clean Balance Kit is the RepHresh Conditioning Gel in a convenient, pre-filled applicator.  This step conditions by maintaining healthy pH and eliminating odor.   When pH is unbalanced, microorganisms can flourish, and studies show that vaginal issues often occur under these conditions.  Healthy pH can help reduce the risk of vaginal issues.  The Clean Balance Healthy Conditioning step maintains healthy vaginal pH and eliminates odor for 3 days or more.

“The RepHresh brand is about healthy solutions that allow women to take control of their feminine problems,” adds Stewart.  “With RepHresh Clean Balance, women can take control of feminine cleansing and find true long-lasting freshness.”

Clean Balance is available in the feminine care aisle of drug and discount stores. You can also visit to order online or call 877.507.6516.

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Suzy Ginsburg

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